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24 May 2024
Free shooting race in the world of Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer Universe opens beta testing for racing game Speed Freeks
23 May 2024
Dota 2 is changing all the heroes
Valve has released the features of patch 7.36 for the popular MOBA Dota 2
22 May 2024
Big changes are coming to Hunt: Showdown
The developers of Hunt: Showdown have shared upcoming changes to the game over the summer
21 May 2024
MultiVersus is back!
The fun online fighting game MultiVersus with heroes from different universes returns
19 May 2024
Results of Pax Dei testing
The results of the alpha testing of Pax Dei by regular gamers have become known
19 May 2024
Myth of Empires launches seasonal servers
The new season of Myth of Empires starts May 25 and runs through July 29
17 May 2024
Vigor, an action movie from DayZ authors, has been released on Steam
Bohemia Interactive has released Vigor, a shooter-looter, on Steam
16 May 2024
The Guild Wars 2 storyline is nearing completion
The Secrets of the Obscure adventure in Guild Wars 2 will be coming to an end soon

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Online games on the computer

The term "computer games" has become so broad that when using the term, it is necessary to clarify whether it refers to casual browser games, client games, or other games. Today, gamers have a choice, whether to run a free game online or to download and install it on their PC.

Going offline: games that don't require an internet connection

Today, most people have high-speed Internet at home, which allows them to play online. But a few decades ago, a speed of 100 mbps seemed something unreal, about games online No question, but even then you could download them and install them on your PC.

The first casual games were aimed at a wide range of users, they were characterized by simple rules, minimal time to get used to the game, it was not even necessary to delve into the intricacies of gameplay.

An example of a successful realization of a casual game is Solitaire, which was distributed with Windows. It had more than 400 million fans. No less popular was the computer version of Tetris.

One of the most famous producers of the best casual games in the domestic space is Alawar. Think back to when you were on a treasure hunt for Montezuma's treasure or farming. It is likely that you were also among the fans of Alawar.

Browser, casual and client online games

Casual games are still very much alive today. They moved online in the mid-90s. HTML5 multiplayer mini-games eventually superseded their Flash counterparts. Gameplay is still simple, there is still a game where you only need to use a single mouse button. The modern world of online games is as follows:

  • Casual games have greatly "grown" in graphics. Most often they are chosen by people who want to kill time, relax, relax after work. Especially popular among players are modern browser games that allow you to play without installing additional software. Depending on the technology used in the game you may need to install Flash-player or other utilities.
  • As opposed to casual games, there are hardcore games. They have more rules, more complicated gameplay. They are designed for experienced gamers who are ready to devote more time to games, to build a strategy, to level up the character.
  • Client games are run through client programs that are created specifically for them. Today popular MMOGs are fascinating multiplayer games.

Thanks to our site you can find yourself as an activity for one evening, and choose a game whose plot will drag you for months.