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Adventure online games

It's time for adventure. Launch one of our games and discover a world of adventure and fun. The adventure games will appeal to avid gamers and newcomers alike. We've put together a collection of the best browser games that combine vivid graphics, simple controls and a breathtaking story. Free adventure games are presented in these genres:

  • Runners. Choose a hero and go on a mission. You are waiting for a meeting with enemies, a distance with obstacles and a lot of bonuses.
  • Platformers. Jump between platforms, complete objectives, make it to the finish line unscathed.
  • Puzzle games. Online adventures can be associated with solving complex puzzles, riddles, search for differences, etc.
  • Shooters. Let's test your marksmanship and dexterity, choose your shooter and let's get started.

Other exciting genres are waiting for you. We are constantly adding new games to the collection, so you do not lose interest, and you can enjoy new adventures:

Choose the most interesting plot to play

Go to a hotel to find new friends and emotions. Here you will be able to try on many different characters. Interact with the people around you and learn from their experiences. Everyone you meet will have something useful to say. Don't forget to decorate your room to make it the coziest for you. If everything is ready, feel free to go to the party, because what can be more fun.

Help the hero to get out of jail. To do this, he will need to make a dig to freedom. Don't miss the opportunity to collect crystals and other bonuses - you'll need them to successfully complete the game. With each new level the task will become more and more difficult. Here you need to use all your logic. If you can concentrate and think ahead, make a perfect escape for your character.

Vayut and relax to help you play the game, in which you need to run paper airplanes. This entertainment for sure like many children and adults. But you can not always find a place and time to play so. Online game to help in this. Just launch the airplane as far as you can. The farther it flies, the more bonuses you can get. They are useful to you for new features and increase their capabilities.

Become a loyal assistant little squirrel, which makes provisions for the winter. She needs to collect as many nuts as possible to have something to eat in the cold season. But, unfortunately, the squirrel is too young, and therefore not particularly strong in hopping on branches. Help her cope with such a task. Pick branches, and make sure that she has time to collect the number of nuts she needs. If you succeed, your ward will be full all winter long.

All online games on our site for free. They do not need to download, just open in the browser on your phone, PC or tablet and play. You can get involved in a cool adventure on the way to work, during a break in the office or at home.