"Steal The Haunted Treasure" Game

Original title: Steal The Haunted Treasure


The bandits who hid this treasure knew a lot not only about logic, but also about human psychology - they put up pictures of ghosts and skulls. They think to frighten us, but of course not!

Play in the cave with the ghosts and enjoy the adventures, and if you're smart, you'll take the gold - we're not sorry

When you play Steal The Haunted Treasure on Zarium, you'll have to explore the cave of robbers, where the treasure is not only carefully hidden, but also protected by a lot of scarecrows. Images of spirits and evil spirits here at every step, the other would have turned around and made a run for it, but you're not like that. That's where the tricksters miscalculated, and now it's time to decipher their puzzles and unlock the stash of gold.

Pay attention to the puzzles and collect various items that will tell you the next step to victory.