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Online skill games

Dexterity is a quality that is not inherent in everyone. But if you want to perfect it, you do not need to spend hours training on the street. Our skill games will be a great simulator for players of all ages.

We have collected for you the best developments that are not limited to a single genre. They offer players a huge selection of tasks of varying difficulty levels that require manual dexterity and quick reactions!

Best dexterity games:

In online games in this category you will have to fly, jump, collect different objects to earn extra points. In our selection of free browser games you'll find the legendary snake, rocket master, Berry the jumper, adorable penguins, colored seals, Disney princesses and even a unicorn.

Hurry up and dive into the fascinating game world, your reaction speed, attentiveness, marksmanship will help you win.

Try out our interesting storylines

Show your marksmanship in the game with pins. Your task is to throw colored pins from the bottom of the screen to the top, where there is a constantly spinning wheel. The difficulty is to hit a pin of a certain color into the same sector on the wheel. At first levels it will be quite easy. But do not relax, because with each new stage the task will get harder. This game will help pass the time, as well as give you the opportunity to relax and relieve stress after a busy day.

Together with the special agent fight back the criminals. Do not panic, because in this game you will need a "cool" head. The villains are very angry at you for infiltrating their gang and finding out the big secrets. So you need to get away from them as soon as possible. You can shoot back at the criminals, and use your logic to escape quickly and safely.

Show your wits by breaking the crystal glass stacked in the picture. You need to act as quickly as possible. The difficulty is that some elements you will not be able to break at the first time - this requires several attempts. Your task in the game is to control the platform from which bounces the ball, hitting the glass. Do not let it fall, because then you will have to start the passage of the stage again.

Why is it better to choose our games?

Our skill games have several major advantages:

  • a wide choice of subjects;
  • dynamic gameplay;
  • tasks and puzzles of different levels;
  • The ability to run on any smartphone, tablet, PC.

You do not have to download and install anything. Just start the game in your browser and move on to solve game tasks to sharpen your dexterity.

All of our games are free. You can play them any number of times. Levels are also not limited. Just enjoy the storyline, show your skills. In some toys you can play with friends, competing in the championship.