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According to mythology, the game of mahjong was created before our era and has more than a thousand years of history, but nevertheless it reached our days and is still loved, but now not only in China, but all over the globe. This game is gaining popularity in the 19th century, when it spreads beyond the borders of China - in Japan and the U.S., Russia and Western Europe.

Rules of the game

On the playing field with different figures laid out special dice with printed on them patterns. Active are only those that are on the surface and are not covered by other dice. The player removes pairs with the same pattern from the active pieces, thereby opening and making active the layers below them. The game continues until the playing field runs out of chips. If the next move is not possible - there is no active pairs of matching chips, and the dice on the gaming table are still left, it is considered a defeat.

Best Mahjong games

Types of mahjong

In today's world there are a huge number of variations of this game. Can change the field, color and shape of chips, remain constant only rules - remove the dice in pairs. It is possible to distinguish several basic classes of the game:

  • Classic Mahjong. It uses the game dice as close as possible to the original game is a set of 144 dice, which are divided into 6 types and 42 varieties of dice.
  • Thematic Mahjong. Many games have the stylization and rules of Mahjong, but here on the dice can be depicted different characters or objects that fall under one category or another. For example, a fairly popular variation of the game are: a pirate mahjong, fruit, Christmas, about sea creatures, culinary, and many others.
  • Children's Mahjong. There are many light versions of the game with bright pictures, designed specifically for children. They do not line up sverhcomplex shapes, and the knuckles can depict children's favorite cartoon characters, animals, or just bright colors.

Each class is interesting and exciting in its own way. You can try to play each version of the game to choose your favorite option.

The reasons for the popularity of the ancient game of mahjong.

Fans of this wonderful game are all over the world. The ability to play it has been passed down from generation to generation. With the development of digital technology, this game has moved into virtual reality and has since been in great demand among players. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • An exciting storyline;
  • the ability to choose the type of mahjong;
  • do not need to spend money to buy the game itself;
  • a great option to relax.

Thus, thanks to these features, the popularity of mahjong grows every year around the world. Try and you play this fascinating game, feel its uniqueness and identity.