Casual games for PC

PC casual games for PC

Casual games for computer

Casual by right take pride of place in the list of the most popular and favorite games for children and adults. With them you certainly do not have to get bored, you have a lot of fun, and the good mood remains with you. And all because this section has a huge selection of different toys. They usually last up to five minutes, and then you decide whether to start the fun again or go to the next.

Varieties of casual games

Be prepared for the fact that the world of casual games is almost limitless. You can test your logic, memory or thinking, take part in competitions or run a board game, run, shoot and more. Each game has its own story, sometimes quite short, but in any case, you'll learn why you need to perform a particular task. What kind of games you'll find here? Definitely, colorful, exciting, not boring. Conventionally, they can be divided as follows:

  • Balls. This section contains entertaining puzzles that will force you to think, how to solve different tasks quickly and deal with them in a certain amount of time, which is usually given very little. Each game has its own nuances.
  • Search for items. Here every game will force you to show their intelligence and attention to find different hidden objects and use them for their intended purpose. You will find yourself in a variety of places, and even magical lands, help the main characters and act methodically and quickly.
  • Logical. Here you will think of puzzles, unravel confusing tasks, try to understand what is required of you, as in some games, even the tasks are written zakopristo. But they are interesting.
  • Business games. Of course, for the strategy games of this genre it would be desirable to have more time, but what can you do. But you can set a record, running a business from scratch and within minutes to bring it to the entire network or corporation.
  • Quests. A very popular section. Nothing complicated here: you adapt to the main character, who has a certain goal or mission, and slowly walk forward with him, sometimes completing some tasks along the way or deal with the main problem already at the finish line.
  • Arcade. Also very simple games that usually have one or two tasks for dexterity and speed. In contrast to the puzzles or strategies, they are great to relax, relieve stress and do not think about anything.

Choose any game and have fun, you will quickly get the rules. In addition, this game you do not need a lot of time, it can be played during lunch break, and go back to work with renewed vigor and a smile on his lips.

What are good casuals?

If you're constantly pressed for time while feeling like you're about to explode, you'd better check out this section. You can always find five minutes if you want, but your loved ones will not suffer from your bad mood. In addition, most of the fun has colorful graphics and offer exciting plots. So feel free to get to the game and recharge your batteries with positive energy for the whole day!

The best casual games for PC: