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A stick, a stick, a cucumber, you got a little man... Well, who of you as a child did not draw in such a way cute and funny little man? And now this man came to life in the computer world and invites everyone to join his fun game. Drawn stick man called Stickman. And now he is a mega popular character!

Why is Stickman popular?

Stickman is not a name and not the name of one particular game. It is the name of a whole category of computer games, where the main character is just a schematically drawn man, without any outstanding details. A special love of gamers around the world with this character associated with ..... With its simplicity! After all, the lack of any distinctive features allows you not to be distracted by the appearance of the character, and to fully concentrate on the passage of the game. This is great for all gamers, who are tired of pretentious or cartoon characters.

Best Stickman Games

Stickman Games.

In fact, it is impossible to say what kind of games only about Stickman, because it is the name of the character found in almost all known categories of computer applications. The most favorite areas of games with Stickman are:

  • Warriors. Various versions of battles between the drawn people are at the peak of popularity. Ability to think through strategies and battle plans, repulse insidious attacks of enemies and capture new territories themselves is very tempting and captures for many hours in the whirlpool of the game.
  • Racing. What only in the toys does not ride Stickman! In his arsenal and bikes, and skateboards, and motorcycles and a variety of cars. Passing these toys, you can either overcome the distance from one point to another, or help Stikmena perform a variety of tricks.

Whatever category of games you have not chosen, you will find an exciting storyline and funny characters.

Features games with Stickman

Before you start playing this fascinating game, you need to decide on the genre. The peculiarity of the game is that despite the apparent simplicity of the game, it is quite difficult. Need to have a special dexterity and speed of reaction to pass all levels.

All the computer animation and sound accompaniment is also quite simple, but the creators have come up with an unexpected surprise as the game passes: it is unusual and sudden turns of the plot.

Most of all fans of this popular game with Stickman like designers, thanks to which you can create your own Stickman, giving him any appearance. In addition, you can also think of the plot of the game. Here you need imagination and the slightest drawing skills.

The reasons for the popularity of the game:

  • Well-designed locations and characters;
  • incredibly realistic graphics;
  • exciting stories.

Try and you play this incredible game.