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Casual quest games for PC

Quest will not leave indifferent fan of adventure, the adventurer at heart, and a man ready for the most unpredictable deeds. In these games on the share of the hero is always a lot of adventures, extensive part of the quest allocated to the deployment of the storyline, the locations often change. In addition, in order to the hero could move on, he will have to constantly solve some problems and unravel puzzles. Sometimes there are so many that the narrative is reduced to a minimum.

Varieties of quests

Since these games rarely have a simple storyline, they are mainly designed for an adult audience. Although the graphics are often above all praise and to participate in such a game is sometimes the same as to be in a fairy tale. You'll obviously enjoy traveling between worlds and through time, rescue the unfortunate, give hope to everyone who needs it and slowly but surely make your way to the finish line. By the way, in contrast to the arcade games to deal with the quests in a couple of minutes can not - prepare for a protracted struggle for the result.

Quests that are sure to impress you:

  • Games with some sort of horror story as their basis. These are best approached if you're not the fearful type, because the atmosphere of fear will hover over you throughout the entire process. A striking example of such a game "Scary Tales. Bloody Mary. Collector's Edition".
  • Games permeated with paranormal phenomena or parapsychological features. You can yourself possess one of the unusual properties, or be the victim of an evil maniac, ready to use science to the detriment of mankind. In the game "Hypnosis", for example, you will experience how dangerous the ability to hypnotize is.
  • Games where there is a place for magic and goodness, and at the same time you have to learn how to earn money, build and perform other tasks, as, for example, in "The Lost Island: Eternal Storm".

Many adventures await you as you make your way to the victorious finale. You will be able to learn some new skills, although active action in quests is usually not too practiced - much more often you will have to apply logical thinking, observation, be focused and responsible.

Features of quests

In most game genres there are strategic actions. The player has to think through the conduct of his business, plan to win the battle, build an empire, in general, to act thoughtfully and be able to react quickly to surprises. But in the quests the main principle is just not to rush anywhere and act measured from start to finish the game. So if you are assiduous, if you like solving riddles gradually and if there are no emergencies and cataclysms that fall on your main character's head every few minutes, then the quests are what you need.

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