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Online IO games

.io browser games became popular worldwide after the release of a multiplayer game called Agario. It differed from other projects by having simple and uncomplicated graphics, as well as the presence of a multiplayer mode.

Inspired by the global success of the game Agario developers began to create similar projects. Soon the world was presented one of the best versions of the famous snake in .io format.

Like other similar games, it had several advantages:

  • simple graphics;
  • simple controls;
  • clear rules;
  • multiplayer mode.

The goal of each online .io game is to become the best among all players, with each of them having the same chance of winning. Thanks to the uncomplicated rules, gamers easily get into the exciting gameplay, which usually goes on indefinitely.

Best IO Games:

Free shooters, strategies, races, fights, battles category .io do not require a download. You can play them in any browser. They tend not to require hardware, so they run easily on smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops.

History of IO games

This unusual game was invented by a Brazilian student M. Valadares. The development process and its creation took some time and finally, in 2015, the game was born. A couple of months later, the game was bought out by a little-known company and launched to the masses.
It didn't take long for the game to become widespread among young people.

What are the games of IO

The very first, so-called "classic" version of the game was as follows. The player has to control a single bacteria. To do this, he can use the mouse to move the bacteria in the allotted space. In this space - a field scattered all kinds of food. The more food the bacteria absorbs, the more it increases in size. If the player wants the bacterium can split into two smaller parts, which also want to eat.

All other modern games, have colorful graphics and music. But they are all based on the very first game.

Features of IO games.

This series of games is not like all the others. There is a fairly simple plot, without secret chips and sudden turns of the game. In addition, they have such features:

  • there is no game chat between the participants, instead it displays the ranking of the top 10 players;
  • there is no specific goal that would result in a player winning;
  • IO games are available in any device that supports the Internet.

Thus, the point of the game is to score the most points and stay alive as long as possible. Otherwise, you will have to start the game all over again.

Thanks to the IO games you can relax and just rest during the game. Here you do not need to build strategic moves, think through the logic of the opponent and try to win.