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Casual games for PC on the search for objects

Games to find objects - the section where the most fascinating games. At least, detective lovers and supporters of constant work on their own deduction, intuition and other skills necessary for a professional and successful detective, definitely think so. Here you will find everything you need to live a real detective story, sometimes even with elements of mysticism, magic and horror. You'll become the protagonist of intricate plots and get maximum pleasure, unraveling puzzle after puzzle.

Variety of games to find items

Search is very exciting, if you initially have an interest in this case. Not every game is a chore. Sometimes you get a list of items that need to find, and sometimes you have to guess what comes in handy out of the encountered trash, and by which you can safely pass, without looking around. Often items are hidden in such a way that even immediately after finding them you can not use them. Sometimes you have to store them for the next location, and in some particularly confusing games, even for the next level.

What kind of games you might encounter here:

  • With games in the style of "fantasy", where there will be a lot of magic, witches, sorcerers, fairy-tale heroes and other attributes of this fascinating genre. Be sure to try your hand at "Chronicles of Witches and Sorcerers," "Enchanted Kingdom: The Soaring Island," "Koshoe the Immortal," and more.
  • With games of a mystical nature. Here, be prepared to communicate with ghosts and ghosts, vampires, and possibly Satan himself. For example, "On the Other Side. Tower of Spirits, Letters from the Past," "Dark Stories. Edgar Allan Poe. Ligeia", etc.
  • With single-digit detectives in the purest form. Though here too, time travel and other mysteries are not absent. A prime example: "Time Travel. Who Framed Raskolnikov," "The Detective Agency. Crystal Slipper", etc.

In the section a lot of games that combine several directions. The main line of the detective, associated with the search for clues needed to find out, there is always. Sometimes it is supplemented by communication with spirits or magicians, sometimes fortune tellers take on the case - for example, Cassandra, with whom there are several fascinating games. She is assisted by the not unknown Nostradamus. Isn't it curious to meet this mysterious person who makes predictions to the kings themselves? And that's not all the surprises that are waiting for you on the pages of this category of games.

Features of games to find items

One of the most pleasant surprises of these games - clues. Often it will be difficult to find out what to look for and where to look, so always pay attention to the presence of this great detective game's attribute. The clues are usually recovered with time, but not very quickly. So resort to them only in extreme cases. And of course, keep in mind that in these puzzles there is nothing trivial, and the danger may lurk around the nearest corner. So be careful, and may you be lucky in your investigations!

The best object search games: