Game "Eternal journey. New Atlantis. Collector's edition"

Game "Eternal journey. New Atlantis. Collector's edition"
  • Game size:
  • Release date:
    26 July 2012
  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    256Mb, DirectX 9
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Game description

In 2015, the gifted archaeologist Amrita Stone reached the peak of her career: she has a study coming, revealed in the ocean, of the ruins of Atlantis. Michael, her fiancé and underwater constructor, has built a glass dome at the site of the excavation. Thanks to this, Amrita can begin the search for the main treasure of the Atlanteans - the amulet of the goddess Bellona! But things don't go as planned, and 165 years later, waking up in a cryogenic chamber, Amrita is back in search of adventure, and now her ultimate goal is Mars. But the past cannot be escaped, and it will come back to haunt her again and again!

Arriving on Mars, the girl sees a fantastic picture - the base is absolutely deserted, and all instruments indicate the discovery of findings of exceptional importance! Apparently something terrible has happened here, and only Amrita is able to make sense of this story. Help her as she embarks on her own investigation!

The Martian base is pretty much trashed, so the path to the truth will be very difficult: You will have to repair the equipment, sort through the debris, and reconstruct valuable equipment. Throughout the game you will encounter memory cards that contain information about the base, and you must collect them in order not to miss important details. In addition, you will constantly come across tablets with video recordings, thanks to which you will eventually learn everything about what happened

Through difficult and dangerous trials, coming face to face with militant aliens, Amrita achieves her goal and reveals the secret for which she sacrificed her life in the past. Not to mention what you have yet to see!

In the collector's edition the authors of the game prepared a lot of gifts for you - a bonus chapter, wallpapers for your desktop, exclusive sketches and something more. You will plunge into the world of new Atlantis, so go ahead and adventure!