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Logical casual games for PC

The name of the section suggests that you can't just lazily click on the screen and watch the plot develop. Will it develop, it depends on you, because in order for the hero to move forward at least one step, you will need to solve puzzles, unravel puzzles and answer tricky questions. Although in some games of this plan you will face very different tasks. But about this below.

Types of logical games

Logic - an important quality required not only for solving puzzles, but also in everyday life. That's why it is so important to develop this quality and improve their ability to build a logical chain of inferences. So train yourself by choosing the game that suits you best for this purpose. By the way, you can start with children, so there is a separate category of children's logic games.

What can be highlighted in the section logical games:

  • For children. These are, for the most part, games with a fairy tale or fantasy plot, without a strong psychological load or horror elements. You can safely offer your child to play "4 elements", "Kingdom of Fairies", "Waltz of the Flowers" and other games of this section.
  • Puzzles. Have to break your head, as the plot in these games is particularly difficult and not always unravel at first attempt. Sometimes particularly difficult tasks can be skipped, although it will affect your scores. Test yourself by opening "Detectives Union. The Beginning," "Legends of the Pirates. The Box Mystery," "Word Game," etc.
  • Puzzles. Putting together puzzles, you can determine the level of difficulty of the game and independently adjust the number of pieces that you have to connect. The more pieces, the more complicated the puzzle. And the choice of images is so diverse, that you risk getting lost in your choice. In some games collecting a puzzle is just one of many tasks in the process, so be ready for such combinations. Open "Pirate Puzzles. Guess the Picture," "Mosaic. Games of the Gods," etc.

To the logical include games from the category "Mahjong", where you have to perform different tasks, but most often to collect pairs of identical cards and remove them from the field. You can choose "Card Games" and be engaged in solitaire - the section abound, from the simplest to the incredibly difficult. So it depends on you, which game you spend a quiet evening at home.

Features of logic games

Each of these games waiting for you or some kind of puzzle or need to sit over the details, as, for example, in preference pools, puzzles, puzzles. If you open the game with some kind of intricate plot, you'll be doing different tasks throughout the story. Do not forget the hints, if there is an opportunity to earn bonuses, do not ignore it, as they allow you to bypass a difficult puzzle without loss, or help unravel it. Enjoy fascinating plots together with logic games!

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