Game "Blacked out"

Game "Blacked out"
  • Game size:
  • Release date:
    02 September 2014
  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    256Mb, DirectX 9
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Game description

Every night you are tormented by the same nightmare. But now in real life, you find confirmation of what is happening in the dream. You are faced with a difficult choice - to leave everything as it is and continue to suffer from nightmares, or to look your fears in the eye and get rid of the visions forever.

In front of you is the place of your nightmares - a ramshackle abandoned house, frightening by its very appearance. It turns out that it is connected with a very real story about a once brilliant artist who has lost his mind. Rumor has it that he died just as all the heroes of his paintings. To get rid of your nightmares forever you will have to settle in this manor house and learn the mystery of the cursed artist.

The action of the game starts at the gate that separates the territory of the manor from the rest of the world. Already in the driveway you are enveloped by an inexplicable anxiety. It seems that everything around you is just saturated with hatred and evil. Later you will know that the owner of this house, the artist Jonathan Black, made a deal with the devil, after which his work had magical powers, but the souls of the heroes of the paintings were in eternal confinement on the artistic canvas. Collecting parts of the book scattered all over the house, you will learn that one of the most experienced fighters against evil tried to solve the mystery of the manor, but all his efforts were unsuccessful

At every corner you will encounter ghosts of the past and nightmarish visions, suddenly opening portals and otherworldly worlds. All of this terrifies you and tries to confuse you. However you have to be very careful and cautious in order to defeat the evil, because every mistake can be very expensive

Go into your main battle with the creatures of darkness, wielding the staff of power and be ready for the most terrible battle

This game can claim to be the most terrifying of all those represented in the item retrieval genre. It is in this game you will be haunted by terrible visions that can not only scare the inexperienced player, but also try to throw off the trail. May fortune be with you!