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Online strategy games

Get ready for the most spectacular battles, battles where the right strategy, mastery of tactical approach and speed of decision-making play a crucial role. Here everything depends on you. In online browser games, the emphasis is on the exploitation of the physical abilities of the character. Eye and hand coordination is important. Seen, and reacted quickly, the only way to win.

But since we're talking about strategy action games, you also have to think. It's fun, many people do not even realize that inside them lurks the talent of a strategist.

Among the exciting action strategies waiting for you:

  • fighting games;
  • shooting games;
  • tank battles;
  • games about zombies, etc.

All games in our collection are free. They run on smartphones, tablets, PCs, play wherever you want. Simple storyline and clear interface will allow you to quickly get the hang of the game, and if you want to easily switch to another.

Best strategy games:

Games do not have any special requirements for the functionality of the device on which they run.

Best battles, fun stories and the opportunity to show your wits - this and much more awaits you in the action games on our site.

What is meant by the term "strategy".

Strategies are one of the most popular and popular games among gamers around the world. This category of games inherent logical thinking, a high level of mental abilities, thinking outside the box.

The basis of victories in such complex games are the following personal qualities of the player:

  • ingenuity;
  • cunning;
  • lightning reaction to the slightest change in the combat situation;
  • The ability to find ways out of the most stalemate situations;
  • The ability to anticipate the enemy's actions a few moves ahead.

One of the main features of games of this genre - it is a real opportunity to fight on a virtual field with real opponents. Some games provide for the conduct of the battle with multiple real-world players simultaneously.

Who will like the game-strategies

Strategy games are designed for those who like to plan, to think through and create new options for military events. What matters here is not the strength and number of units, but how well planned and thought-out offensive, ambush, fight, how timely is the tactical withdrawal.

All games of this genre come in two varieties:

  • turn-based: the movement of the virtual battlefield is in increments, that is, first you make a move, then the opponent, as, for example, chess;
  • real-time: no turn sequence, the actions that the players perform do not depend on the sequence.

So, if you're a real strategist at heart, embody all your abilities in online strategy games at Zarium. A large number of the best strategy games are collected here. Registration is not needed here. You can play at any time and unlimited.