"Penguin Diner 2" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Penguin Diner 2


Penguin Penny decides to open his own restaurant. You will help him manage such a huge establishment. In this game you will have to replace literally everyone: the waiter, the bartender, the cook and become the manager. I wonder if you can handle it?

Play and manage your own restaurant

To you in the cafe, and then, will come visitors. Your task is to start by seating them at the table. Then the customer will make an order, which you will have to take, and then bring it to the customer. He will pay you for his order, and the proceeds you can spend on hiring other workers. This game is very interesting, so be prepared to spend a lot of time on it. Run your own restaurant in Penguin Diner 2 on Zarium.


Help Penny run the restaurant by seating customers, taking their order, delivering their food and cleaning up after they leave! Things can often get busy though so you must be quick! Collect the customer’s tips and use the money to upgrade your restaurant and Penny’s gear to make the restaurant the best that it can be!