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Online casual games

HTML5 casual games are designed for a wide variety of age groups. Here everyone will find a game to his liking, with which you can relax, have fun and even forget about the troubles for a while. The rules in these games are usually characterized by simplicity, and you do not need to differ phenomenal assiduity, because the duration of these games is very short.

Varieties of casual games

Most of these games have a simple but bright graphics, accompanied by a short amount of text. In principle, in recent years the casual include all short games, and the simplest of them immediately installed on a PC or phone manufacturer. If you want something new, then open this section and look for something to your liking. Here you'll find many different types of casual games and pick up something for yourself.

The most popular games are in these categories:

  • Well-known and most simple games about balls, snakes, tic-tac-toe - "Sand Balls", "Push Balls", "Snake: Worm Zone" and others.
  • Games of all kinds of battles - "Pixel Battles," and so on.
  • Board games - "Mahjong: Stylish Bags," "Christmas: Find 5 Differences," "Puzzle: Precious Blocks," etc.
  • Games about cars - "Car Parking in Amsterdam", "Exclusive Wedding Limousine 3D", "Up: Free Driving", etc.
  • Sports games for every taste - "Olympic Games: Javelin Throwing", "Popular Football", "Power Badminton" and so on.

Of course, this is not all kinds of casual games. You can find there cooking fun, all kinds of dress up for girls, escapes, arcades, adventure quests and much more.

Card lovers will be able to pass the time playing solitaire. You like a variety of crosswords and puzzles - you'll definitely appreciate our Sudoku. Boys can enjoy different versions of online games in which you can become a motorboat driver or repairman of different types of machines. There are also developing subjects - for example, the game of words. With its help you can test your memory, shine your mind.

Flip through the pages, and you'll see that you can very quickly find the toy you need. Regardless of gender or age, there's entertainment for everyone.

Features of casual games

The main advantage of these games is that you can master them in a few minutes, and play from start to finish. A great option when you want to distract yourself a little, and then continue to perform the day's tasks and duties again. By the way, among the casual games there are many that can impart some useful skills or provide the necessary information. In general, if you want to have fun, then this section will definitely interest you!

Best casual games:

Just open the catalog and you will become a regular visitor of this section with online games.