"Color Lines Deluxe" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Color Lines Deluxe


The innate greed of dwarves is known to all, and their passion for gold and jewels knows no bounds. So in the fascinating game "Color Lines Deluxe" in the arcade genre, they will once again go for the extraction of treasures in the farthest mine, and you become their main assistant. On the screen in front of you will open a playing field, divided into cells and full of large colored stones, your task is to find two identical objects and connect them with a special colored line. Thus, they are removed from the arena, and you get bonus points. But be very attentive and focused, show your agility and resourcefulness, because a pair of objects can be in completely different locations on the field. Match the colors, using the mouse on your computer or by clicking on the touch screen of your mobile device. And good luck to you!