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Online Puzzle Games

Each person has his own idea of fun pastime, while some watch soap operas and read books, others solve crossword puzzles and play puzzles online.

Fascinating puzzle games have a lot of advantages and positive qualities:

  • Interesting. You will never get bored, solving them, even if one of the puzzles you get bored, you can move on to the next, because they are free.
  • Useful. Solving puzzles, you develop important skills - attention, memory, imagination. Your mind becomes more flexible.
  • Cognitive. You can play puzzles for two, for example, with a child.
  • Games in which there are words, figures, will help your baby to learn in an interesting way. Online puzzle games are the best training for the brain.

To start playing, all you need is a device connected to the internet - a phone, tablet or computer.

The browser puzzle collection includes many games: tic-tac-toe, 2048, mahjong, object search, tetris and physics-related games.

Top 3 puzzle games you can play in our catalog:

Choose something for yourself.

Play an interesting shovel fever game. Your task will be to find the same images on the balls. By lining them up three in a row, you'll be able to burst the balls and make room. Watch carefully, because the balls differ not only in color, but also in expression. Don't forget to use additional weapons - bombs, rainbow balls and other auxiliary tools that can free up a large number of cells at once. If you're attentive and fast, you'll pass this challenge.

Visit the neon world - control a small square that travels through this colorful location. At first his speed will be small, but every minute it will increase. Remember that he must not only pass the given path, but also avoid obstacles, which on the way will meet a huge number. Maneuver skillfully, so as not to collide with obstacles. Otherwise you will have to start the level again.

Help save the world from the villains in black balaclavas. This faction lurks behind thick brick walls, from where there is no way to get them. But there is one way to destroy the enemy. You have a large number of bombs that can be thrown directly into the lair of the villains. The main thing is not to miss. Exactly line up the arrow on which the shell will fly, and shoot. On each new level more and more difficult mission is waiting for you, so be very attentive.

These are not all the variations of games in this category. They all have different stories, so everyone can choose a toy for themselves. Sometimes it can be difficult to solve puzzles, but they are puzzles, so you have something to beat your head over. But how pleasant is the feeling of triumph when you finally find the solution.