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Online space games

Space games are a collection of arcades, shooters, and strategies dedicated to the theme of space. Every year they are gaining more and more popularity, so it is not surprising that their number is growing exponentially. Fascinating games devoted to space subjects, have an interesting story, thought-out gameplay and a lot of interesting "chips".

If you've never played browser games, it's time to catch up. Bright, colorful, addictive shooters, arcades, strategies, and puzzles about space are great for that.

Best space games:

Most often gamers are offered to fight with aliens or aliens who attack the planet, fly on spaceships, explore unexplored corners of the universe, etc. Plots so many that you can choose a new one every day.

Great popularity among players of all ages enjoy free strategies and shooters about space. They have some features:

  • shooters are dedicated to the themes of intergalactic attacks, alien invasions, bombardment of enemy planets;
  • strategies offer the development of resources and infrastructure of the planet, carefully considering each step.

Some online games are equipped with multiplayer mode. This makes them even more exciting and addictive, despite the lack of sophisticated graphics, vivid special effects.

Our site contains only the best space games that will not leave indifferent any user. They do not require downloading, do not make any special requirements for hardware devices. You can play directly in the browser on any smartphone, tablet or PC connected to the Internet.

The most common themes of space games

The category of space games is very diverse, the plots are also different from each other. The most in demand are games of these directions:

  • arcade: events develop in open space, with all the characters are not subject to the laws of physics;
  • Corridor: here are closely intertwined genres of space simulator and shooter games;
  • realistic: a distinctive feature is a fairly high complexity of controls, because of this a newcomer gamer can have some difficulties.

This category of games has a large number of fans around the world. Annually released new games with more intricate and complex plot.

All experienced gamers note that the most difficult thing in space games is to learn how to control the spacecraft. Without the proper skills it is really difficult. But it takes a little effort and then you will succeed.

Try it and you play this exciting game. Go to our website Zarium, choose a game, run it. Feel like a real space hero in virtual reality. Save the planet from alien invasions.