"Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter" Game

Original title: Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter


None of us knows until the end what can wait for us in space, because it is not fully explored. What if there are a lot of aliens in airships or other spaceships that want to kill you, or even worse - to take over the Earth. In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on Zarium this is the case, and you must not, in any case, allow them to take over the Earth.

Play and fight for our planet

What do you have to do? Fight them! Aliens have invaded your space and put the planet in danger. So get your blimp ready, equip your strongest weapons and go to battle! Shoot them and destroy them so that the villains don't get what they're up to. Save the Earth in the addictive space shooter Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on Zarium.