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12 June 2024
The realistic shooter Bodycam is out
Bodycam action movie with almost real video footage of combat has been released on the Steam store
10 June 2024
World of Warcraft DLC release date has been revealed
The War Within, which was announced back in 2023, is now ready for release
08 June 2024
Online games at Summer Game Fest
Results of the official part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo game show
07 June 2024
Black Desert Online Anniversary
MMORPG Black Desert Online is celebrating its tenth anniversary and has received an anniversary update
06 June 2024
Pax Dei goes into early access
The MMO game Pax Dei has been announced for early access starting June 18 and a free trial
05 June 2024
Guild Wars 2 add-on announcement
Janthir Wilds, a major addition to Guild Wars 2, is scheduled for release on August 20
04 June 2024
"Revenge of the Rabbit" returns to New World
Amazon Games' MMORPG New World has received the 5.0.2 update
03 June 2024
A bolivar can hold two: new horses in TESO
Bethesda continues to celebrate a decade of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online
02 June 2024
Soulmask is gaining momentum
The online survival game, Soulmask, has reached the second place in the Steam ranking in 24 hours
01 June 2024
What should high schoolers play in the summer?
Free games without scenes of violence and scary monsters, but with multiplayer and suitable for vacations
01 June 2024
Big changes are coming to Warframe
Digital Extremes have announced the Jade Shadows add-on, which will be released in June
31 May 2024
The latest patch for Redfall has been released
Last update of the project before closure
30 May 2024
No Man's Sky invites everyone to an abandoned universe
No Man's Sky, a game about exploring the vast cosmos, is getting cozy
29 May 2024
The costume from The Acolyte can be worn in SWTOR
The Dark Harbinger's vestment became available in the Desperate Defiance update
28 May 2024
ArcheAge will be getting an update soon
Soon the "Tablet of Eternity" add-on will be uploaded to the servers of the Russian version of ArcheAge
28 May 2024
POLYGON is in its fourth season
The POLYGON game has released a 0.7.5 add-on called "Art of War"
26 May 2024
Celebrating Crossout's birthday
The multiplayer game Crossout about battles of homemade armored vehicles turns nine years old
25 May 2024
The post-apocalypse has arrived in Fortnite!
Fortnite's famous "battle royale" has teamed up with the Mad Max and Fallout universes
24 May 2024
Free shooting race in the world of Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer Universe opens beta testing for racing game Speed Freeks
23 May 2024
Dota 2 is changing all the heroes
Valve has released the features of patch 7.36 for the popular MOBA Dota 2
22 May 2024
Big changes are coming to Hunt: Showdown
The developers of Hunt: Showdown have shared upcoming changes to the game over the summer
21 May 2024
MultiVersus is back!
The fun online fighting game MultiVersus with heroes from different universes returns
19 May 2024
Results of Pax Dei testing
The results of the alpha testing of Pax Dei by regular gamers have become known
19 May 2024
Myth of Empires launches seasonal servers
The new season of Myth of Empires starts May 25 and runs through July 29
17 May 2024
Vigor, an action movie from DayZ authors, has been released on Steam
Bohemia Interactive has released Vigor, a shooter-looter, on Steam
16 May 2024
The Guild Wars 2 storyline is nearing completion
The Secrets of the Obscure adventure in Guild Wars 2 will be coming to an end soon
15 May 2024
A Twisted Path to Renown has been given a release date
The developers of online action thriller A Twisted Path to Renown have revealed the game's release date on Steam
14 May 2024
New features in Lost Ark
The publishers of the Russian-language version of MMORPG Lost Ark announced the imminent release of the "Conquerors of Heaven" add-on
13 May 2024
Update 3.23 for Star Citizen has been released
Patch 3.23 has been released for the alpha version of the online space game Star Citizen
12 May 2024
Marvel Rivals gameplay trailers and alpha test
Online action movie Marvel Rivals about comic book heroes has entered the stage of closed alpha testing
11 May 2024
Abiotic Factor has received a "first week patch"
Deep Field Games studio has prepared the first patch for the game Abiotic Factor
10 May 2024
An entire island is going to be added to DayZ
Multiplayer action game DayZ will get a big update called Frostline
09 May 2024
EVE Online will be getting a major update soon
Here are some details about the Equinox add-on for EVE Online space simulator
08 May 2024
Unprecedented generosity: Destiny 2 has three free DLCs
Three add-ons of Destiny 2 online fighting game are free until June 3rd
07 May 2024
Apex Legends features new battles and a new character
Multiplayer action game Apex Legends has received a patch called "Upheaval"
06 May 2024
Online games about the Middle Ages
A selection of interesting online game projects in medieval setting