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03 October 2023
Pumpkins are ripe in Albion Online
MMORPG Albion Online has announced a month of The Harvest Challenge
02 October 2023
October activities in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Choose what to do in the online game Star Wars: The Old Republic in the fall
01 October 2023
Mortal Online 2 will be even more beautiful
The developers of MMORPG Mortal Online 2 have shared plans for updates to the game
30 September 2023
The authors of Warframe introduced the 54th character
In two weeks, the online game Warframe is releasing the "Abyss of Dagath" update
29 September 2023
From the mountains for roulette - Fallout 76 update
Starting December 5, a new map is being added to the Fallout 76 game - Atlantic City on the coast of New Jersey
28 September 2023
The new Counter-Strike is out and the old one is gone
Valve has shut down the CS: GO servers and announced the release of Counter-Strike 2
27 September 2023
The start of a new event in The Elder Scrolls Online
The Secrets of Telvanni adventure will soon be revealed to the heroes of The Elder Scrolls Online
26 September 2023
Details of The Savage Divide's expedition to the New World
MMORPG New World has received one of the biggest updates ever, called The Savage Divide
25 September 2023
New details on Final Fantasy XIV version 6.5
The trailer of Growing Light add-on for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has been published
24 September 2023
Escape from Tarkov: Arena has been revealed live
A 9-minute gameplay demo of Escape from Tarkov: Arena was shown in Tokyo
23 September 2023
A new shooter and a cure for cancer - the 20th anniversary of EVE Online
EVE Online authors gathered a fan festival to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their game
22 September 2023
Tactics and costumes in the Farlight 84 update
The developers of Farlight 84 "battle royale" have unveiled the contents of patch
21 September 2023
A major addition has been released for Lost Ark
Lost Ark has released a major "Voldyke" add-on, adding a new region to the game
20 September 2023
Albion Online is gearing up for the big hunt
The MMORPG Albion Online is getting ready to release an update called "Wild Blood"
19 September 2023
Big changes are coming to Dead by Daylight
The developers of the horror game Dead by Daylight have announced their intention to release a major update
18 September 2023
Online cyberpunk games
A selection of popular multiplayer online games created in the style of "Cyberpunk"
18 September 2023
F2000 and a new map in BattleBit Remastered
Online shooter BattleBit Remastered received patch 2.1.4 with battles on the map ZalfiBay
17 September 2023
The era is gone: professional seasons have been canceled in Dota 2
Dota 2's multiplayer online battle arena is parting ways with Dota Pro Circuit
16 September 2023
There's a killer showman in Hunt: Showdown
Online action game Hunt: Showdown has received an add-on called When Shadows Dance
15 September 2023
"Vintorez" was cut. A patch for Stalcraft has been released
Multiplayer online action game Stalcraft has received another update
14 September 2023
It's time for new Purges in Conan Exiles
Funcom employees have revealed details of the upcoming Conan Exiles patch
13 September 2023
Fall events and costumes in Black Desert
Pearl Abyss Studio reminded Black Desert fans of the activity schedule for September
12 September 2023
Warspear Online has announced Pirate's Day
An event called "Pirate's Day" has begun in the MMORPG Warspear Online
11 September 2023
Toy Story. MicroVolts: Recharged is now on Steam
MicroVolts: Recharged is now available in a PC version
10 September 2023
Need more PvE: Synced shooter released on PC
Synced, a cooperative action thriller set on Earth after the end of the world, is out now
09 September 2023
There will be more motion capture in Ready or Not
Online action movie Ready or Not will be supplemented with animation created using motion capture technology
08 September 2023
Off we go! Military aviation has been added to Rust
With the September update to Rust, gamers get an attack helicopter at their disposal
07 September 2023
Pheromone outbreak catches up with Lost Light
Online action movie Lost Light has gotten a renewal and a new season called "Pheromone Outbreak"
06 September 2023
PUBG developers answered players' questions
The authors of PUBG: Battlegrounds have proposed a video blog format "Airdrop" for users of the action game
05 September 2023
Thunder City and The Dragon Grove: Tower of Fantasy update
Patch 3.2 for the conditionally free MMORPG Tower of Fantasy has been announced
04 September 2023
Closing of the "battle royal" Ring of Elysium
The closing of the Ring of Elysium "battle royal" has been announced
03 September 2023
Deus Vult! Conqueror's Blade will add a spiritual and knightly order to Conqueror's Blade
The tactical MMO action game Conqueror's Blade will soon feature a faction inspired by the Teutonic Order
02 September 2023
The Wayfinder authors apologize
Wayfinder developers have announced that they will compensate for the inconvenience of bugs in the game
01 September 2023
Angry Earth in the New World update
A major add-on called Rise of the Angry Earth has been announced for the MMORPG New World
31 August 2023
Star Trek Online will be getting a story update soon
Season 30 has been announced for the sci-fi MMORPG Star Trek Online, titled Incursion
30 August 2023
Less snow, more bullets - PUBG update
Patch 25.2 has been announced for Krafton's "battle royal" PUBG: Battlegrounds