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02 June 2023
The Grey Lady Killer in the Naraka: Bladepoint update
Battle Royale Naraka: Bladepoint gets a major update
01 June 2023
Pre-registration for Ares: Rise of Guardians has begun
Fantastic MMORPG Ares: Rise of Guardians is giving away early access and gift sets
31 May 2023
Trump up his sleeve: the Friends vs Friends release
Friends vs Friends PvP game released on Steam
30 May 2023
No scripting needed? NVIDIA is preparing to revolutionize gaming
NVIDIA Company in collaboration with Convai has unveiled ACE for Games
29 May 2023
Lips in a bow, eyebrows up: a character editor was shown in Blue Protocol
A video showing the character editor in the MMORPG Blue Protocol has been published
28 May 2023
We've waited: the update Mad World - Age of Darkness has been released
Multiplayer online role-playing game Mad World - Age of Darkness got the first update
27 May 2023
Crossout celebrates its birthday
Online multiplayer action game Crossout celebrates its eighth birthday
26 May 2023
The Witcher and the Kingdom of Dreams in Perfect World
Russian version of the MMORPG Perfect World has received an update "Kingdom of Dreams"
25 May 2023
Destiny 2 opens the Deep to gamers
Online multiplayer action game Destiny 2 "Season of the Deep" has been extended until August 22
24 May 2023
The Great War Against Zombies: Who's on The Front Test?
Samar Studios has announced the beginning of the closed beta test of The Front
23 May 2023
What can players expect in the Throne and Liberty beta?
The developers of Throne and Liberty have published details of the beta test
22 May 2023
Don't Wake the Sleeping Spriggan. A new event at New World
The New World multiplayer event "Fury of the Spriggan" will begin soon
21 May 2023
Banzai! Samurai Summer at Conqueror's Blade
From June 1, Conqueror's Blade will have a free Sengoku update available
20 May 2023
It's about to get hot: the announcement of "Wintergreen" in Lost Ark
Soon in the MMORPG Lost Ark event "Wintergreen" will start, the start of which is timed with the release of the update "Fleche"
19 May 2023
Beauty and violence in the Mortal Kombat 1 trailer
Announced a sequel to the legendary fighting game Mortal Kombat at number "one"
18 May 2023
PUBG: Battlegrounds update brings back friends
Patch 23.2 was released for PUBG: Battlegrounds, which gives gamers resurrection system partners
17 May 2023
Announcement and Closed Beta of MMORPG Tarisland
The announcing trailer for the new MMORPG Tarisland was recently released on YouTube
16 May 2023
Fenrir is about to break into Rainbow Six: Siege
From May 30 in the tactical team shooter Rainbow Six: Siege will appear operative with the call sign Fenrir
15 May 2023
New fortification system in PlanetSide 2
PlanetSide 2 will soon receive a special update on base building, and not only
15 May 2023
The Land of the Morning Light and Farewell to Spring in Black Desert
Soon in the MMORPG Black Desert Online will be a new addition "Land of the Morning Light"
13 May 2023
"Hell's Kitchen Opens Doors at SCUM
In the multiplayer survival game, SCUM, there is a mode called Hell's Kitchen
12 May 2023
Tentacles from the Void: The Elder Scrolls Online new trailer
Venture into the Unknown trailer for the Necrom chapter of TESO has been released
11 May 2023
Galaxy in danger: a new storyline for Star Trek Online is out
MMORPG Star Trek Online has a new storyline, called Unraveled
10 May 2023
Conan Exiles Anniversary - Celebrating with Sword and Magic
Survival simulator in Robert Howard's universe, Conan Exiles, turned five years old
09 May 2023
Post-apocalypse, Psychics and Cartoons: Project XT Announcement
MMO-action film Project XT, in which superheroes fight demons after the end of the world, was announced
08 May 2023
There will be giant spiders in Pioner
Several screenshots of the game Pioner have been published, including a huge spider boss
07 May 2023
Fortnite has become an Olympic sport
IOC and SNOC add Fortnite to 2023 cyber sports list
06 May 2023
Echoes of the Cold War in the Rust update
Survival simulator Rust built a military base with a ballistic missile silo
05 May 2023
Incredibly beautiful Chrono Odyssey in the new trailer
NPIXEL Studios has released a new trailer for the coolest MMORPG Chrono Odyssey
04 May 2023
Sword and magic for free in the MMO Warhaven
In July 2023, everyone will be able to try out the MMO-action game Warhaven for free
03 May 2023
From story to gameplay: development plans for Guild Wars 2
Roadmap published, with important points of Guild Wars 2 development in 2023
02 May 2023
Fighting for the Giant Raven in Albion Online
An event called "Morgana Challenge" returns to the MMORPG Albion Online
01 May 2023
"Blaze of Glory" gathers heroes in Warspear Online
In the MMORPG Warspear Online announced the beginning of the 16th season, called "Blaze of Glory"
30 April 2023
Hunting the Werewolf in Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG
Gloria Victis authors published a diary with plans for the near future for the first time
30 April 2023
Star Citizen authors make an authoritarian metropolis
Cloud Imperium Games announces patch 3.19 for space Star Citizen
28 April 2023
May Activities in Star Wars: The Old Republic
The 4th of May, traditionally considered "Star Wars" day, is approaching