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26 November 2022
"The Bird That Drinks Tears is now an MMORPG
Krafton is developing an MMORPG based on the Bird That Drinks Tears book series
25 November 2022
Maori with a sniper rifle: a major Warface update
An update for Warface has been released, unlocking the Maori sniper agent
24 November 2022
Who wants to be an assassin? Bless Unleashed Update
Players in Bless Unleashed will discover dungeons, enemies, events, effects, and an assassin's class
23 November 2022
Tower of Fantasy has its own "battle royale"
For the MMORPG Tower of Fantasy released update number 2.1 with a lot of interesting new features
22 November 2022
Visiting is good: Ubisoft returns under Gabe Newell's roof
Ubisoft keeps putting its games on Steam again
21 November 2022
Pre-registration for Astel of Atra is now open
Developers MMORPG Astel of Atra announced the beginning of pre-registration
20 November 2022
Details of Throne and Liberty from the G-Star 2022 event
Details about the MMORPG Throne and Liberty, a project by NCSoft
19 November 2022
The start date of the Once Human beta test has been announced
Starry Studios has announced the beginning of the closed beta testing of the action thriller Once Human
18 November 2022
Don't mess with Rashid: details of the new season of Battlefield 2042
A new season called "Escalation" starts in Battlefield 2042 from November 22
17 November 2022
You can not be so beautiful in the world: ArcheAge 2 gameplay was shown
XL Games studio first showed what MMORPG ArcheAge 2 looks like live
16 November 2022
The Lord of the Rings Online major update has been released
LOTR Online's 34th major update, called Before the Shadow, has been released
14 November 2022
The Russian team became the best at the CS:GO championship
The guys on the Outsiders team took first place in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
13 November 2022
Details of the next Allods Online update
The developers of Allods told about the update of the game, called "Call of Legends"
12 November 2022
You're on three, you're on five: Skyscraper was shown to the public
A video with a demonstration of virtual battles and character movement in the game has been released
11 November 2022
Wild Terra 2: New Lands has been released
Wild Terra 2: New Lands, developed by Russian game developers, has been released
10 November 2022
A witch hunt will soon begin in Conan: Exiles
The developers of Conan: Exiles announced that the second chapter of Age of Sorcery is coming soon
09 November 2022
Where are your dreadnoughts? EVE Online has a major addition
Multiplayer space simulator received the long-awaited update Uprising
08 November 2022
Crowfall is closing. For good?
Innova has announced that its Russian-language servers will be shut down soon
07 November 2022
Looking forward to a new Warcraft? Phil Spencer on the future of Blizzard
Phil Spencer talks to journalists about Blizzard's future plans and the recent success of Age of Empires
06 November 2022
Pairing the Spheres? Plot details of Summoners War: Chronicles revealed
A story trailer showing the backstory of the game's main events has been published
05 November 2022
Overwatch 2 is expecting a machine uprising in winter
The Overwatch 2 universe has a new character, the robot womnick Ramattra
04 November 2022
RuneScape users will be put to work in November
RuneScape developers have prepared a surprise for Al-Harid desert explorers
03 November 2022
Albion gets foggy: details of the Albion Online update
MMORPG Albion Online developers have announced the release date of the update "Beyond the Veil"
02 November 2022
Free Reserves: How will Caliber change in November?
Multiplayer shooter "Caliber" will get a patch 0.18.0 with a fresh combat mode
01 November 2022
Update with Japanese cruisers in World of Warships
For the naval thriller "World of Warships" released update number 0.11.10
31 October 2022
A Girl Called Death: There Will Be Another Character in Dota 2
In the popular Dota 2 multiplayer arena, the 124th character is introduced
30 October 2022
As soon as it came out, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is already broken
Military shooter Modern Warfare II started having problems with nVidia drivers
29 October 2022
Release of Resident Evil and Outlast multiplayer parts
Two popular horror universes got multiplayer versions at once
28 October 2022
Grab and Run! Rainbow Six Extraction has a new event
Rainbow Six Extraction has added an After Effect event to the co-op action game
27 October 2022
In the sky, on land and sea: a major addition for War Thunder
War Thunder has received a major "Flame and Ice" update for its tenth anniversary
26 October 2022
Payday 2 - now with train robbery
Lost in Transit Heist update released for popular heist simulator Payday 2
25 October 2022
A major Supercharged update has been released for Crossout
The car action game Crossout has just released an update Supercharged
24 October 2022
TRAHA Global pre-load and release dates announced
New free MMORPG TRAHA Global will soon shelter the first heroes on its servers
23 October 2022
Gamers were shown the combat system Summoners War: Chronicles
On the eve of the release, the developers of Summoners War released a video with a demonstration of battles
22 October 2022
An add-on based on Salvatore's books will be released for Neverwinter
In November, the online game Neverwinter will expand "Northdark Reaches"
21 October 2022
New site and teaser trailer for ArcheAge War
Recently, the developers have opened access to the promotional site ArcheAge War and published a trailer