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25 July 2024
The evil spriggan has returned to New World
MMORPG New World has updated to version 5.0.4 and brought back the Spriggan's Fury event
24 July 2024
Announcement of Order of Renewal - Russian fencing game
Independent Russian studio R-Team Interactive presented a role-playing action movie in medieval fairy tale style
23 July 2024
Whitestrake's Mayhem returns to TESO
Bethesda has announced the replay of Whitestrake's Mayhem PvP event in The Elder Scrolls Online
22 July 2024
Announcement of a major Warframe update
Digital Extremes has shared some news about the online action movie Warframe with the public
21 July 2024
Flight of the Albatross is coming soon to War Thunder
An event called "Flight of the Albatross" is coming soon to the online combat game War Thunder
20 July 2024
The Team Fortress 2 update has suddenly been released
Team Fortress 2 developers decided to surprise fans by releasing a patch with a dozen maps
19 July 2024
No Man's Sky major update
Multiplayer survival simulator No Man's Sky is updated to version 5.0
18 July 2024
Enlisted is coming back to Steam
Multiplayer action game Enlisted is back in Steam client
17 July 2024
"Echoes" continues to resound in Destiny 2
Destiny 2's online fighting game Destiny 2's second act of the episode "Echoes" has arrived
16 July 2024
Albion Online has unveiled a new product - The Journal
Albion Online game developers unveiled a useful new feature to gamers - The Journal
15 July 2024
Paid content and queues at Once Human
Once Human game developers answer gamers' questions
14 July 2024
The power of the frog is being traded at The Finals
Patch 3.4.0 has been released for its multiplayer action game The Finals
13 July 2024
Stalcraft has changed its name and everything
The popular online game Stalcraft has acquired the Latin letter X in its name
12 July 2024
Celebrating seven years of Albion Online
In ten days, Albion Online will release an add-on called Paths to Glory
11 July 2024
There will be a major update for Ravendawn Online
The developers of Ravendawn Online have announced the release of a major update called Horizon's Call
10 July 2024
Once Human is out - mixed reviews
Starry Studios' online game about survival after the end of the world - Once Human - is out now
09 July 2024
Now with Lamborghini. Update 30.2 for PUBG
PUBG Battle Royale patch 30.2 features revealed
08 July 2024
Storming an ancient fortress in Conqueror's Blade
Conqueror's Blade added the fortress of Mystara to serve as a siege range
07 July 2024
Fallout 76 is testing an update
Find out about upcoming updates to Fallout 76 by running a public test server
06 July 2024
Rust is experiencing a biker invasion
Survival simulator Rust gave gamers the ability to ride motorcycles
05 July 2024
Sky: Children of the Light is celebrating its one-year anniversary
Celebrating five years of Sky: Children of the Light on mobile platforms
04 July 2024
Need more anime: a new novelty from the authors of Genshin has been released
HoYovers has released a new cartoon gacha action movie called Zenless Zone Zero
03 July 2024
July activities in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Details of updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic in July 2024 have been revealed
02 July 2024
Final Fantasy XIV update has proven to be problematic
Final Fantasy XIV's Dawntrail add-on fails to launch in Final Fantasy XIV
01 July 2024
The most coveted game on Steam is already available to install
Co-op shooter The First Descendant is now available for pre-loading
30 June 2024
The Elder Scrolls Online fans get an add-on
TESO will start giving away the Clockwork City add-on for free in the early days of July
29 June 2024
An industry veteran has unveiled a space MMO game
The announcement of a new MMO game called Stars Reach from an industry veteran has been released
28 June 2024
Geralt and Lara Croft are in the Naraka: Bladepoint update
Studio 24 Entertainment revealed development plans for the "battle royale" Naraka: Bladepoint
27 June 2024
There is an "Awakening of Chaos" coming to Lost Ark
An add-on for MMORPG Lost Ark has been released in which there is a new region - Southern Cruzan
26 June 2024
Call of Duty has a very unusual mode
Online action game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has acquired a retro mode in multiplayer
25 June 2024
It's festival time again at New World!
A celebration of tunes, dancing and fishing begins for New World fans in Aeternum
24 June 2024
Almost like Pioner: Phantom Line announced on Steam
Phantom Line cooperative action movie has its own page on Steam
23 June 2024
Fortnite has a new mode
Epic Games has released another patch for Fortnite's battle royale with a new mode
22 June 2024
Active Search has begun in War Thunder
Online combat game War Thunder received its second major update this year, called "Active Search"
21 June 2024
More details have emerged about Dune: Awakening
A special show has been released for everyone who is waiting for the release of Dune: Awakening
20 June 2024
Tarisland preloading has started
The game's Tarisland client can already be installed on computers, and the game's official release will take place on June 21