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24 July 2022
Virtual rides with a test of endurance on extreme off-road
Many fans of racing game projects like speed and one of the most affordable way to get .
24 July 2022
The Best Star Wars Strategies of Recent Years
There is a universe of "Star Wars" for quite a long time and has become really popular for its interesting world and characters.
02 February 2022
Games that can be completed in a couple of hours, interesting, beautiful and ... short
Not all in a row people like to play the same game for days or even weeks, sitting at the monitor all night long.
02 February 2022
Projects based on real events would never have guessed
Video games serve as an outlet and escape from the problems of everyday life for a while.
02 February 2022
The effect of slowing down or stopping time in games, the ability to use it and admire it
In today's game projects, involves a lot of interesting and unique control systems gameplay.
02 February 2022
Games with cruelty and violence crossing the line
For all the efforts of a large number of morality fighters and defenders of the game industry against violence and gory scenes,
02 February 2022
The adventures of Greek mythical heroes in games, against the backdrop of the temples of Olympus
The modern game industry often turns to the heroes of ancient Greek legends, creating entire projects about their lives and adventures.
02 February 2022
Blood-soaked, horror-inducing, best horror games
Horror stories create an appropriate atmosphere of fear, awe, and horror. These are the strongest emotions that can be evoked in a person.
02 February 2022
One of the best simulations, this is a simulation of God in games
God Simulator, is a game in which the player plays as a being of the highest plan.
02 February 2022
Mysterious and frightening mystique in the game space
Mystique entices and frightens us at the same time. When we watch this kind of content, we become both curious and frightened at the same time.
02 February 2022
For fans of watching and observing, the best games for streaming
In today's gaming industry, videos that broadcast games and commentary on them are very popular.
02 February 2022
The most terrifying, disgusting, and ruthless bosses in video games
Bosses in video games, these are the most terrible and very powerful enemies, defeating which the player will be able to prove his personal professionalism as a gamer.
13 January 2022
Destiny 2 - sci-fi action movie
Try yourself as the defenders of Earth from the forces of evil.
13 January 2022
New World - Amazon's first RPG experience
The first MMORPG from Amazon. The project's uneasy fate and great success.
06 December 2021
Escape from Tarkov - hardcore shooter for genre connoisseurs
This game is called the benchmark for the balance between complexity and fun, it knows no equal in the nuances of battle simulation
06 December 2021
Roblox is the most popular gaming platform
The largest gaming platform with a daily activity of more than 6 million people!
18 November 2021
VALORANT: a network shooter with big ambitions
A newcomer to the world of online tactical shooters with big ambitions to become more popular than CS:GO.
09 October 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone. Exit from the Eclipse
Activision's third attempt at a Battle Royale. Let's find out how successful it is.
08 October 2021
Red Dead Online - the open world of the Wild West online
A mix of action and RPG in a Western format about dramatic adventures in the open world. We tell you what to do in the Wild West.
03 October 2021
How and where to find the perfect fighting weapon in some games
This description provides tips and advice on choosing and finding weapons in popular video games.
03 October 2021
Tips for solving King's Bounty 2 puzzles, and game descriptions to help
King's Bounty 2, is a turn-based fantasy role-playing game that takes place in the third person.
03 October 2021
Game guides on the combat system and combat construction in games
Game designers make the gameplay more interesting by constantly upgrading and developing the combat system.
03 October 2021
Overview of obstacle course games
Among the connoisseurs of video games a huge number of fans and admirers of extreme gameplay.
04 September 2021
How Best to Pump Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077, is a fascinating game with a twisted plot, well crafted mechanics and a line of logical tasks.
04 September 2021
Top tips on where to find weapons and money in Resident Evil 8 Village
In the eighth part of the game Resident Evil Village, players will plunge into the new, extraordinary adventures of Ethan Winters.
04 September 2021
Game guides and walkthroughs for Humankind
The entire history of mankind is thoroughly laid out in the strategy game Humankind.
31 August 2021
League of Legends is one of the most popular online games
One of the most important and iconic online games along with Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and Dota 2.
22 August 2021
Dota 2 - from amateur fun to professional eSports
One of the main games of eSports. Today in our review we tell you more about the success of the game and the secrets of how to win in Dota 2.
20 August 2021
CS GO: A classic of eSports
A classic familiar from computer clubs, which has lost its relevance and fascination since its release in 2012.
05 August 2021
Apex Legends - unique among many
A unique representative of the "battle royale" genre. It was released without any big announcements, but it almost immediately interested the public and became a hit of sales.
23 July 2021
PUBG - the first popular "battle royale" online format
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or simply PUBG) is the action game that has made the "battle royale" genre known around the world.
06 June 2021
Minecraft - a sandbox with boundless imagination
This is a benchmark example of the sandbox genre - a huge world you can explore in any direction and create anything you want in it.
30 May 2021
GTA 5 Online - the classic gangster showdown
Something is fashionable, something is out of fashion, and having fun online in the fifth GTA people, it seems, will be forever.
06 May 2021
Call of duty for mobile: how is it
I want to turn back and open the page far 2003, when the beginning of an entire era marked the release of the first in its history, the computer game Call of Duty
06 May 2021
The popular game Among Us, play and win
In our world there are a huge number of completely different and unusual online games, some of them qualitatively imitate very popular, and therefore become the highest rated
02 April 2021
What to choose a regular solitaire or a fascinating card puzzle "Solitaire"?
Choosing between the usual board game and solitaire most of the female sex will stop at the latter