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Online game series based on TV series and computer games

In this section we have collected popular series of games that have been attracting attention for many years. They gather crowds of fans and have high ratings. Many series are regularly updated with new games, keeping the main characters, villains and in-game world rules.

Popular series of games in one place.

Here you will find games that have long won the sympathy of users. Among them:

  • Among us;
  • Ben-10;
  • Squid Game;
  • Masha and the Bear;
  • Naruto.

Among As.

The game has become a worldwide craze. In recent years, there has been record interest among adults and children in this game. It features simple gameplay, fun characters. Thanks to its design and extremely clever missions, the game has quickly become popular all over the world, despite the language barrier.

Many wrong decisions will result in punishment for something you don't do. The unexpectedness makes the game so appealing that it is always fresh and unrepeatable. Among ace is a game that puts players at the center of the story without regard to the graphics.


The online games in the series are based on the "Ben 10" animated series. The games take us on a sci-fi journey with a teenager named Ben Tennyson. It was Ben one day accidentally got his hands on a thing called Omnitrix and with it the control of powerful aliens that help him protect the Earth from endless threats. Choose an online Ben 10 game and play it for free right now!

Squid Game

The Squid Game is a new Netflix television series that has gotten everyone's attention with a children's game. The idea behind the show is to survive to win a big prize: $38 million. In this series, players have to compete in several children's games, but with deadly penalties. There are many games in the series based on the theme of the show, and we regularly add new ones.

Masha and the Bear

This well-known cartoon has long been beloved by children and adults. The creators quickly responded to such popularity and created many online games based on the cartoon. The series includes a variety of games:

  • Puzzles;
  • Find the differences;
  • Coloring;
  • Farm;
  • And others.


Naruto began in Japan as a manga magazine and comic book for children. It soon became so popular that it became the basis for anime and later online games. Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most important anime fighters. A boy from a Japanese village dreams of becoming the best ninja in the world, and for this he must go to a special school. The protagonist tries to live the ordinary life of a teenage boy, but at the same time train to become a deadly ninja when he grows up. This always poses a lot of problems. All adventures are presented in a series of action games, fighting games, adventure games that you can start playing for free.

All series of games are available without registration.