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Online Shooter Games

Shooter games are one of the most numerous categories of online games. The basis of the dynamic gameplay is shooting with different types of weapons at targets that are set up very aggressively.

If you have a desire to take the gun and go smash everything around - run your favorite shooter and enjoy the game. Shooting games will give you that opportunity. Just choose the right weapon, and you can resolutely relieve stress without consequences for others.

Games are one of the favorite categories of virtual entertainment for users around the world. Regardless of what type of weapon you have chosen: sniper rifle, old crossbow or ultramodern laser, the main thing to let it work skillfully and come out the winner of the coming confrontation.

What kind of games are presented on the page?

These games have an incredible drive, excitement, so they are popular among players of all ages.

Best shooters:

For browser shooter story is of secondary importance, because the main task of the player - to destroy all targets in the chosen location and earn maximum points. Bonuses play an important role, because, despite the fact that the online shooter is free, you can not upgrade your weapon without additional investment (bonus coins).

In the store you can buy any weapon: from pistols and assault rifles to laser systems, blasters, sniper rifles - choose the weapon of your choice!

In this category we have collected only the best online shooters that can immerse the player in a world of exciting battles. Here you are waiting for a shooter of different formats:

  • space;
  • military;
  • zombies;
  • weapons;
  • cartoons;
  • survival;
  • balloon shooting, cannon shooting, duck shooting.

We have also prepared for you a large selection of free 3D first-person shooters. This is incredibly exciting, exciting, gambling games that are characterized by maximum dynamics and realism. Here you are waiting for mutants, zombies, aliens, and other dangerous opponents.

The development of games shooters

Every year the game is improving and improving, because if before you could only run and destroy the enemy in a flat, simplified space, using only the keyboard, now, you are in a full and very little different from real life virtual world, you can run on a huge area, hide behind cover, make huge jumps and roll and get into any military vehicles, ranging from cars and tanks, ending with supersonic aircraft and spaceships.

Flash games shooters are becoming more and more similar to the real world. The games have changed a lot of different components of gameplay. For example, a lot has changed the physics, becoming as close to reality, and have been worked out different details of the landscape - now the walls of homes are blown away by explosions, collapsing skyscrapers and the ground are even formed huge craters from heavy shells.

Get ready for a fight to the death and don't forget to load your weapons.