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New Online Shooter Games

Hugely popular among many men are shooting games (shooters) of different directions. That is why this category of games is one of the most numerous. Go to the section new games shooters and see for yourself! The plot in these games can be very diverse. But it is not of prime importance. The main objective of each player only one - to destroy as many enemy targets, without getting hurt yourself. You can go hunting, play voynushku or throw objects at a given target. For each hit you get points that can later be spent to improve your equipment. Visit the store and you'll be amazed by the variety of guns, shells, bulletproof vests and helmets.

Shoot accurately and win.

To avoid confusion in the huge variety of games, we've divided them into several main sections: weapons, zombies, 3D, space, military, survival, tanks, balls, planes, by ducks, cartoons, stickman, from the gun. Also, you can choose to control the player individually or immerse yourself in the game world completely by selecting the first-person control. Absolutely all games in this category are completely free, all you need to play - just a computer or phone with a stable internet connection. You do not need to go through additional registration - just go to the site, select your favorite category and start playing. Can not choose? Then try them all! After all, you do not have any restrictions!

All tastes.

We have games for all tastes and like everyone. Even if you're a skilled hunter, or former military, you're sure to enjoy playing a non-standard shooter that is unlikely in real life. We have a huge number of shooters for different tastes that you are sure to enjoy. Try on a military suit, or even a sniper. You can also become a hero who saves the world from bloodthirsty monsters, or zombies.

You will have to deal with different ghouls, as well as mythical characters and characters of urban legends, for example, you can easily shoot Momo. You can even become a contract killer and deal with your victims.

From sports to action

Many of the games are sports. You can play by scoring the most points and competing against other real players. For example, you can throw a knife at a target and earn points. Many of the games are very realistic and have a huge number of characters and interesting scenarios. Features of the games:

  • beautiful scenery;
  • a large number of weapons to choose from;
  • interesting scenario;
  • a lot of characters;
  • good physics and movement in the game.
  • a large number of weapons to choose from;
  • logical shooting games.

If you decide to play shooting games from this section, you will definitely like it. You can spend a couple of hours in a harmless shooter, but you can also start your own mission that can drag you into the gameplay for a couple of days.

In addition to the game with weapons, you can also play logic games. For example, there is the familiar Zuma, a well-known game where you have to shoot balls and collect different colors. Enjoy the gameplay, which is sure to please you, show who is the best shooter here and who is the master of his craft.