"Mob City" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mob City


Mob City takes you to the city of gangsters, where the law of thieves rules. Criminals here do what they want, and the police cover them, as they have a share of the illicit affairs. The main character with your help will have to put an end to the mayhem and restore order in the city. The game will offer you to perform several missions. The first one is to take out a hundred gangsters. To complete the task you will need a weapon. Choose it from the arsenal according to your personal preferences as well as the peculiarities of the mission. Once you've accomplished the mission and the crime bosses get riled up, keep pressing on the criminals and werewolves in uniform. Eventually you'll be offered to fight the ringleaders. The final battle will not be easy, but the fate of the entire city and its civilians depends on it.


wasd to move
space to jump
left shift to activate slow-time
Q/E to Cycle weapons
E to enter/exit car
left mouse click to shoot
right mouse click to throw grenade
tab to pause