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Anything can come in handy in life. If you think that the ability to jump high or far - an unnecessary occupation, look how deftly jump in action movies heroes between the rooftops, get into the saddle of a horse, jumping out the window. Heroes of the movies it has repeatedly saved lives, and in fact the best writer - our life and you do not know what surprise she will present. So open the free online games jump and start playing, mastering their different options. It may be a parachute jump, pole vault, springboard. Jump in length and height, helping the heroes to set a record.

Jumping - it's incredibly exciting and dynamic online games that have won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. They have a fairly original story, a wide choice of characters and genres.

Most often in browser games jumping main characters have to overcome various obstacles or enemies, jumping over them. The gamer's task is to help the character to go the distance without mistakes, as well as collect bonuses and prizes scattered along the route.

What games do we offer?

In this section, there are many online sports games, where you have to jump from a springboard into the water, making a high jump or a long jump. They are especially popular among active people who prefer a little break from reality.

On this page we have collected for you the best online jumping. For ease of search, they are divided into several categories.

You will be able to:

  • Have fun and have fun;
  • drive cars around the city or highways;
  • Play with the ball;
  • Participate in competitions.

These games have easy control, interesting story, a lot of game features. No need to register on the site or to install additional programs.

Different types of quests.

Among our proposals you will find entertainment plan direction and sports jumping games online. If we dwell on the sports, we get a list of competitions on jumps:

  • From the diving board or the edge of the pool into the water
  • On a trampoline
  • Downhill skiing or snowboarding
  • Skydiving
  • Over hurdles on horses
  • Pole vault
  • The long jump from a place or a descent.

Sometimes the jump is the main task of the athlete, but in acrobatic numbers, they are accompanied by somersaults and other additions to the performance. This is especially evident in the circus, where artists build pyramids of their own bodies, jumping on a trampoline to the very top of a living structure, or show the skill of vaulting - jumping from one horse to another during its run.

To play any free jumping, just open it via a browser. You can play on your computer, tablet, smartphone.

Our collection is regularly updated with new products, so here you will find only the most original, interesting, dynamic jumping games for gamers of different ages and skill levels.