"Super Jesse Pink" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Super Jesse Pink


This is a game for those who love adventure and never drift in the face of danger. Run along with Jessie through a huge clearing full of your enemies. Jump on high ground and collect coins. Bypass all the dangers in your path, because as sad as it is, you only have three lives. That's a lot more than one, of course, but they're not endless. So treat them very carefully. Reach the finish line and move on to the next level. With each new round your journey will become more dangerous and dangerous, but don't worry, such a brave runner like you will definitely cope with any task assigned to him. The main thing is not to show your opponent that you have a sense of fear in front of him, and the rest will come by itself.


Profile 1:

Move: Arrow key
Jump: Z
Shoot: X (when available)

Profile 2:

Move: WASD
Jump: K
Shoot: J (when available)

Use Touch Buttons