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Casual arcade games for PC

Arcade games have a short playing time, but a very active player. If you play solitaire or assemble a puzzle - a slow thing, and it requires, first of all, assiduity. Then the arcade is akin to speeding up - everything must be done quickly, efficiently, do not think too long, but act correctly, to shoot accurately, run away quickly. If you have to, of course.

Varieties of arcade games

Short but intense gameplay can be in a variety of games. This may be the most common shooter or walker, a treasure hunt or a cooking battle. To make it easier to understand them, open the proposed sections, if you give preference to a particular direction.

The following types of arcade games for PC:

  • For children. Since today's child can not fail to show interest in computer games, it is better to offer him useful and exciting content that will not develop in him a negative perception of reality. Play together with your child in a fun "Birds of Pirates", "Granny on the Islands", "Super Cow", etc.
  • For Two. A wonderful opportunity to have fun with your loved one. You can deploy a no-nonsense battle in "Hyper Capture", sit for "Preferance" or go to "Edible Planet" and other interesting places.
  • Space. A wonderful destination for fans of stories about other planets and galaxies. Defeat aggressive aliens by playing "Chicken Invasion. Full Scramble", traveling on "Star Defender" or going to "Alien Space 2".
  • Strategies. There can be business strategies as well as plans for wars and battles. Choose what you like: to farm in "Farm Frenzy", build the "Roman Empire" or participate in the "Great Sea Battle".

In this section is also a fascinating shooter, walker and jogger. Bored you will not have to, because if you take up arms, you will need to destroy the enemies in minutes. And your enemies are not just going to sit back and wait to be destroyed, either. If you want to wander a bit in the company of the protagonists, you can go to the "Magic Maze" or pester your neighbors - students, oligarchs and just nasty types. Well, what to do in jogging, you know yourself - full speed ahead for the victory.

Arcade Games Features

The main thing you need to remember is that during the game you can not relax, because you do not have much time. If you don't have time to do what you need to do, you will have to start the level all over again.

Although it's hard to call it a punishment, because in many games during the second passage of the level tasks change, so, it will be as interesting as the first time. Proceed to any game that interests you, and enjoy the story, graphics and tasks!

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