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Casual arcade shooting games for PC

Shooter - a great category of games that will appeal to all age groups. You are waiting for unlimited possibilities shooter, who owns any kind of weapon and destroys his enemies with the first shot. Well, or the second, if the first time is not lucky. All games of this section have high quality graphics and exciting stories. Even if you find it very difficult to find a game to your liking, here you will quickly find what you need.

Variety shooters

If you're an avid fan of the genre, you already know what a limitless world is in front of you. You can shoot without hesitation or find a game with a deep plot and a long story, you can play alone or assemble a team and arrange firefights, you can fight against the armies of other countries and against monsters or aliens.

The games that await you in this section, can be divided into the following:

  • Military games, where you are waiting for battles with entire armies, powers or at least battalions. For example, "Battleship. Underwater War", "Great Sea Battle," "Heroes of the Sky", etc.
  • Games where the war has already been conducted in the intergalactic scale. There have to try hard to get to the enemies, will have to fight alone against many aliens, and often not even on their home planet. Test your strength in games like "Martian Chronicle", any part of the "Star Defender," "Hyperwarmer" and so on.
  • Games where you have to fight with specific weapons, so it will take place in a fairy tale world. Very good in this regard, "Goblin Defenders. Steel and Wood", "Youda Forest Fairies", etc.

You can also go to some ancient civilization and fight a little there. For example, in ancient Greece or ancient Egypt. And you can also join Napoleon, who will forever remain in history as one of the greatest conquerors. You can try to defend Asgard, or fight against the alien chickens. As you have already realized, there are so many options that it is better to play than to think for a long time.

Features of shooters

In games of this type, you may encounter different tasks. In between wars and shelling, you may need to complete a task, but that doesn't happen very often. Basically, you will earn points for accurate hits on the enemy. You'll get bonuses and the ability to upgrade your weapons or warship for particularly good shots or operations. Some conditions will allow you to attract bombs, grenades, explosives, and you can also get some abilities, like running very fast or good hiding. And you will know everything in details, when you choose a certain game, so go ahead!

Best arcade shooting games: