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Casual line games for PC

"Balls in Line" - under this name you can combine games in which the main or only task will be to line up the objects to clear the field. In different games, these same balls can be anything: ice cream balls, air, cue ball, precious and any other. Games with them often train wit, dexterity, develop logical thinking, in general, bring the maximum benefit and the time you spend on the game, more than pays off in a good mood or gain valuable skills.

Variety of games from the category "Balls in a line

All games in this section are characterized by remarkably colorful graphics, they are often well thought-out plot, which is able to engross itself. Well, the game tasks become for someone just a pleasant addition and a way to relieve or, conversely, to load the brain a little. But in any case, to build a line of balls will be interesting, and sometimes very, very problematic.

What games you can see in the section:

  • For children's audiences. On the age range to pay attention, because while children's games may enjoy and adults, adults are not always interested in children. But 4 Elements will definitely please everyone, as well as Cradle of Persia or parts of Jolly Farm.
  • Games from the series "Zuma. This category contains the most exciting and fascinating puzzles. Their purpose - to develop logic and attention, to entertain and provoke a quick reaction. The emblem of the game - frog Zuma, destroying balls by shooting them with similar colored balls, after collecting them in groups of three or more. Well, of course, each game has some nuances, as in "Dragon", "Birds on a Wire", etc.
  • Arcanoids. These games usually require you to destroy bricks or other objects with the ball, which the protagonist must be guided by a bat. If you miss, and the ball goes into the void, the game will have to start over, because it is a definite failure. A prime example of such games "Chicken Attack" or "Jam Ball".

The section has a lot of other games, just interesting on the theme of magic and sorcery, fairy tales and myths, exciting stories and funny plots.

Features of "Balls in Line" games

Getting to know any of the games in this section will leave you with a pleasant feeling of traveling to a world of good cheer and fairy tales. You'll have a great time helping the main characters to fight the dragons, avoid the dangers, get the treasure and do many other exciting things with great results. At the same time you'll constantly try to be smart to line up the right lines and clear the fields. Have fun!

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