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Casual games for PC in a line in the style of Zuma

Zuma games have quickly gained popularity. They are installed on both PCs and mobile devices to keep them always on hand. And all because they have an amazing ability to mesmerize and just do not give the player a chance to lose interest. The general principle of these games is to destroy the snake of colored balls with the help of a gun. It is necessary to shoot a ball of a certain color in the similar. If you hit the other ball, the snake will be longer, not shorter.

Variety of games "Zuma"

Despite the general principle of firing the balls, the game still have a difference between them. In particular with regard to the plot. Sometimes it is the simplest of games, where there is no prehistory, and sometimes you will get to understand the features of fun to get to the right task, which, incidentally, can be quite a bit.

What games "Zuma" you can find here:

  • You can play "Zuma" along with funny birds. For example, "Birds on a Wire" or "Pirate Birds" will cheer up adults and children and bring positive emotions.
  • If you want to plunge into a magical world where dragons are still flying in the sky, able to burn everything in their path, then play "Dynasty" or "Dragon. But keep in mind that these huge magical creatures can't do it without your help, so you'll have to help destroy the balloons.
  • A lot of colored balls are waiting for you in "Temple of the Incas" or "Jurassic Pebbles". This is a very colorful game full of color and positive.

Well, if you want to not only race balls, but also to do business, go to the "Farm Frenzy. There's always a lot to do there, and no one to do but you. Will both have fun, and to develop a business strategy, turning a small farm into a successful with a high income. The principle of games "Zuma" is used not only in the above games, so be prepared for surprises by new adventures in the section.

Features of games "Zuma"

Usually these games do not take much time. At the same time, they have many levels, so you can always interrupt after the next stage and continue later without worrying about the plot. There are always bonuses, and that's nice too. Be sure to take advantage of the bonus balls to solve the multicolored snake faster. Shoot accurately, then the balls will have time to disappear and will not flood the entire field. And if you form complex sequences before shooting and only then destroy a few balls, you will earn some reward points or opportunities. Play Zuma, practice marksmanship, develop fast reactions and speed, and set your own records.

The best "Zuma" games:

These unusual games will be interesting for adults and children. The plot is so exciting that you do not notice the passage of time. Find them on our website Zarium. In order to play, do not need registration. All games are free. Before launching any game, make sure you have an active function of Internet access.