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Online Tetris games

The simplicity and brevity of this game was due to the date of its first release - 1984. That was the beginning of the computer era in the USSR and Tetris was almost the only electronic game available. But, in spite of this, it is so captivating to the player that it has remained popular for decades.

The rules of the game

Varied in shape and appearance rectangles and squares descend gradually from top to bottom of the playing field. The player can rotate the figure by turning it 90 degrees and move it horizontally, but only as long as it does not touch the bottom surface or the figures standing on it. If you immediately note the place where this figure should fit perfectly, you can speed up its fall to the moment. If you fill the entire horizontal line with fallen pieces, it disappears and everything above it falls one cell down. The speed of the falling figures increases with each level. On the side of the main field there is a hint window showing the figure that will fall next. This will allow you to plan your next move forward. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible, collecting horizontal rows. But be attentive, because as soon as the playing field is filled up vertically and the next piece has no place to fall, the game is over.

Tetris variations

The rules of the game have remained unchanged for over thirty years, but the game endures all sorts of complications and improvements. Now we can distinguish several types of tetris:

  • Classic. Tetris, familiar from childhood with simple monochrome blocks and without any complications.
  • Complicated. Passing from level to level increases not only the rate of falling, but also appear a variety of obstacles in the way of falling blocks.
  • Thematic. Often there are tetris with the classic rules, but in a variety of designs - pirate, fruit, Christmas, Halloween.

The best Tetris games

This list contains those games that are most popular among their admirers.

Features of Tetris games

For so many decades, this iconic game has not lost its fame. Even the opposite, the demand for it is only growing every year. It is connected with the following reasons:

  • You can play Tetris anywhere: during breaks at work, on public transport, at home;
  • Even children can be taught to play;
  • Tetris does not require any special skills and degree of training;
  • colorful, attractive interface.

Thanks to the development of digital technology, it is now even possible to arrange tournaments between several people. Every year the uncomplicated game is improving, getting better and better. At the same time keeping its uncommonness and simplicity of idea.