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Best Online Tetris games

The first Tetris game came out in 1984 and since then, it has not lost its popularity. The creator is Alexey Pazhitnov. This is one of the first computer games, which later began to be released on portable consoles. Since then, there have been many new analogues of the game, and all the new and original games are collected in this section. The essence of this game is incredibly simple - you need all the figures rotate and put in such a way that there were no gaps in the line, and then it will disappear. So you can play ad infinitum, if of course you can, and you do not fill the entire playing field lines, which will have gaps. Tetris is an excellent development of dexterity, speed thinking, attention. In most games you can see exactly what the next piece will be, which allows you to develop strategies and think a few steps ahead. The game is suitable for players of all ages. Games of this category are a super find for those who do not like games with weapons or dynamic games. If you dream fun and exciting to spend time, the new variations of the game of tetris you must enjoy. Colorful game design you can choose to your liking, and you can play every time a new variation of the game. Also in games for a more cheerful atmosphere, there is a musical accompaniment.

Through the decades.

Tetris was very popular as soon as it was introduced to a wide audience and is still relevant! Love for this game is due to the simplicity of gameplay and controls, while the game itself is very exciting. In updated versions on Zarium tetris got updated graphics and improved interface. There is also a pleasant soundtrack that won't distract you from the game. Tetris perfectly improves the logic and the speed of your decisions, because you'll have to quickly line up the geometric shapes in the necessary position. Earn as many points as possible by breaking horizontal lines, creating combos of strips and take advantage of bonuses.

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A game of tetris brings entire generations together, so if you have kids, play together and spend your leisure time together in a fun way. Spending time with kids is great for further relationships and trust levels. Especially for this, we have a huge collection of games on Zarium in the category "best". Consider and be sure to play these and other games:

The apps on this list are the choice of many users, but there is a huge amount of content on our site that is definitely worth trying out. Find your perfect version of Tetris. Play, relax and spend your free time with maximum benefit!