"Kitty Blocks" Game

Original title: Kitty Blocks


Funny kittens await the player in the game Kitty Blocks. Purring and meowing animals want to play and frolic! You will have to try hard to meet and fondle the fluffy one. Serious cat Block is waiting for you. In fact, he is cute, but finicky and will create difficulties. Also, Grok will have to please a spoiled cat "Miss Snotty", which will wring the nerves out of you. The aim of the game is to score the more points by opening the blocks that hide the cats. The player needs to build a virtual construction, but before making one step, you need to think logically, because the construction must be without gaps and spaces, all empty spaces must be filled. The more points you score - the more chances you have to unlock the next SEAL. The game arouses the interest of children and adults. Easy and simple, decorated with colorful graphics and pleasant music will allow you to relax and train your logical thinking.


Drag the blocks on the grid to clear horizontal or vertical lines