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Online games clickers

Sometimes you want a little distraction from hectic everyday life and enjoy the rest, without making any effort. In this case, a great solution would be to play online games clickers. They are characterized by simplicity and do not require the gamer to active operations, so they are rightly considered time-killers.

Clickers have a multimillion army of fans. They love to play and adults and children. All incremental games have one thing in common - the entire gameplay is built on performing simple actions, such as repeatedly clicking or tapping on the screen.

Free clickers have several characteristic qualities:

  • A large selection of plots;
  • clear interface;
  • addictiveness;
  • ease of mastering;
  • linearity.

Many browser games clickers start with a very simple scheme, but the complexity of the gameplay gradually increases in a spiral. The process of exploring this complexity gamers excitement, encourages the search for hidden features clickers.

On our site you will find the best games dedicated to sports competitions, financial strategies, travel and other topics. Usually they have one of two purposes: to pump the game character or collect money and other resources.

We have gathered for you the most fascinating plots and interesting characters with which you certainly won't get bored:

The collection of games is replenished regularly, so on our site you will always find something interesting for yourself.

What are interesting and unusual games clickers

Despite the fact that the purpose of the games clickers is one, they differ in a wide variety of storylines. In this category, you can fight with rivals, build bridges and buildings or, conversely, to smash them mercilessly. And you can find a simple peaceful task.

Often there are such clickers, when the gameplay is all objects at once. The overall appearance does not move at all, but the picture will change.

What are the most popular clicker stories

In games clickers absolutely every gamer can choose a suitable storyline game, depending on individual preferences and tastes. But the most popular are the following storylines:

  • you need to pump the main character, gradually moving from one level to another: in this case, the heroes become more powerful, more interesting, change their appearance;
  • for Two: suitable for couples in love or girlfriends: it becomes much more fun to attack the enemy or to build a building;
  • life simulators: in the course of their development, the main characters have more and more ambitious desires and goals.

In clicker games, nothing is impossible. It all depends on the gamer. Visit our website Zarium, choose your favorite clicker and get the most out of the game. This category of games will not leave anyone indifferent. Play at any time of day and as much as you want. Because there is no limit on the amount of time.