"Anthill Land Escape" Game

Original title: Anthill Land Escape


Go on a quest for adventure in the quest game Anthill Land Escape at Zarium! A mysterious hut that looks like a big anthill holds some mysteries. There's a strange gate nearby: who knows, maybe it's a portal to another dimension? There is only one way to find the answer - to find the key to the gate!

We won't get bored playing this elaborate quest!

The area around the Ant Hut is teeming with various caches and strange objects. Finding clues and solving puzzles, you'll get first to the entrance to the hut. Then with an extra portion of clues, solving the puzzle and the puzzle game, you'll find the right number of blue crystals - exactly matching the notches on the mysterious gate - that will be the key to them.

And what will happen to the daredevil who stepped through the gate - we'll find out in the new games on Zarium!