"Escape The Dark Forest" Game

Original title: Escape The Dark Forest


The hero of this game is an ordinary city dweller, who has come to his country house for the weekend to have a little rest. And decided to spend the day walking through the woods alone, not realizing the danger he's putting himself in. Have fun exploring the woods, and then return home before nightfall.

Games in the woods

Very soon our townsman lost the path he was walking on, and now he's completely confused in what direction to go. His gadgets proved useless, and he didn't take a map with him. To make matters worse, evening was already falling over the forest. Very soon the predators will come out to hunt, and then our hero is not good luck. Help this frivolous hiker find the right path home. Be careful, the clues are everywhere: in the trees, on the rocks and even in the animals' burrows. You also need to collect various useful items that can help in solving this or that puzzle.