"Blossom Garden Escape" Game

Original title: Blossom Garden Escape


With Blossom Garden Escape on Zarium you will never get bored. Here you will be offered not only a series of intricate puzzles, but also a mystical atmosphere of beautiful landscapes. All events take place in a large botanical garden, among the rare trees, plants and mazes. In one of these will get our hero, and whether he can get out of it depends only on you.

Get free from the landscape fetters in Blossom Garden Escape

Our hero together with his family decided to have a picnic in the most picturesque place of the city - the botanical garden. Fully soaked in the energy of nature, the family was about to go home, but found that the garden has already been closed. To get home, our hero needs to get the key from the garden's entrance gate and free his family.

Help our heroes to get out of the garden. Show your cunning, wit and wit. Solve the intricate puzzles provided in the game and get the cherished key, and with it freedom.