"Rescue The Bunny" Game

Original title: Rescue The Bunny


It's getting close to nightfall, and Max the rabbit hasn't returned to the farm. There is a forest near the farm, maybe the animal ran there and got lost. You will have to go in search of him.

The rabbit who likes to play

Get to your favorite rabbit faster than the poachers hunting in this forest. To get to where the rabbit sits, you'll have to solve several puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty. Some of them are simple enough, while others you'll have to sit and think. Here to help you will be sharp-witted, observant and well-developed logical thinking. Each correct decision will bring you one step closer to the cage in which your pet is. Find the key and return home with Max. Try to do it as quickly as possible before the joyful poachers return for their prey. The game will appeal to every fan of logic games regardless of age.