"Tetrollapse" Game

Original title: Tetrollapse


Probably everyone of us has played Tetris at least once, so the rules of Tetrollapse game will be very easy for you to remember, because it is the classic Tetris. In front of you on the playing field the figures of different shapes will descend from above, and you need to use the arrows in the flight to move them in different directions, so that you get the straight line without gaps. After that this horizontal line will disappear from the field, and you will earn points. While these figures are descending you can change their shape to a more suitable for you just by clicking on them with your mouse or by pressing the up arrow. In the panel on the right, you'll see which shape will go next, which will help you think through your steps ahead of time. If your build gets too tall and reaches the top, the game is over for you. Good luck!