"Tetris" Game

Original title: Tetris


Tetris games have not lost their popularity in the 21st century. Their simple and clear plot attracts the attention of both children and adults. And if the child assembling Tetris develops logic, the adult person collecting parts in a line perfectly relieves stress after a day of work.

Classic Tetris will both pass the time and relieve stress

Simple and clear rules Tetris, as well as good dynamics, the lack of any frills and trimmings, make this puzzle game a classic of short games. It's fun to play for both children and adults.

The main aim of the game is to stack colorful blocks into the playing field as densely as possible to leave no gaps. The entire line, without any gaps, will disappear, and it's up to you to stack the blocks further. Last as long as possible and beat your own record.

Tetris, like solitaire, helps the player to calm down, relax and, at the same time, to gather.