"Primeval House Escape" Game

Original title: Primeval House Escape


Walking through the woods, you found a beautiful clearing with brightly colored flowers. But more attention was attracted by the house with an open door. You couldn't help yourself and went inside, but what happened next came as a complete surprise.

How do you open the door?

Once you find yourself in the house, you were surprised, because everything inside is somehow strange. One half of the house looks like an old abandoned hut, and the other half looks like a cozy woodsman's corner. No one reacted to your cries, which means there is no one in the house. You went around all the rooms, but no one was found.

You do not want to wait for someone to come, so you decided to leave the house and go home. But here's the problem, the door was closed. What to do now? Look around carefully. There will be clues and all kinds of puzzles all around you. Solve them all as quickly as possible and find the very key that will help you open the door.