"Block Puzzle lego Pro" Game

Original title: Block Puzzle lego Pro


Since the development of computers and the first games people have not been able to stop. A huge number of them have been invented to satisfy the tastes of all gamers.

You love the constructor, then play the game Block Puzzle lego Pro

In this toy you have to play the old, already legendary Tetris. Your task is to combine elements in a certain way, so you can remove the lines and continue the game almost indefinitely.

But here everything is a little different. Instead of the usual blocks will be part of the Lego constructor. Combine the pieces so that they add up into lines like in classic Tetris. Try to cope as long as possible to score maximum points and brag about your records to your friends or even the whole world in the new game Block Puzzle lego Pro.


HOW TO PLAY Game Lego Block Puzzle Pro 2020 ARCADE 1 Simply drag the tetra blocks to move them 2 Try to create full lines on the grid vertically or horizontally 3 Tetra blocks can t be rotated 4 No time limits in classic mode