"Merchant Escape" Game

Original title: Merchant Escape


Every day, the merchant in Merchant Escape traveled through villages in the jungle and exchanged his goods for peasant products. And what was it that drew him to this backwater? Well, it's true what they say: you can't make all the money in the world!

This village is quite different from the neighboring ones: everything is suspiciously quiet and no one is around, although the houses and the household are in perfect order. Let's get out of here! Hey, what's that? I've been here before! It's like walking in an enchanted circle!

I'm lost in three palm trees!

In Merchant Escape, you'll have to show all you can do to complete the logical quest-helpfuls. The main character is in a very suspicious place and was trapped. Strange characters here at every step: puzzles and riddles, incomprehensible objects and mysticism hanging in the air. However, our merchant is cheerful and optimistic. He has a bright head on his shoulders and is ready with you to bravely take on this challenge and pass all the tests.