"Block Puzzle Jewel Origin" Game

Original title: Block Puzzle Jewel Origin


With Block Puzzle Jewel Origin you will discover new properties of Tetris - in this format you do not have to hastily find the right place for the next piece. You'll see a whole new side to the game when you can think creatively about the layout of the objects on the field.

In Block Puzzle Jewel Origin, take your time with blocks - it's tetris for the soul

You'll be presented with three pieces to carry onto the field. If you manage to fill an entire row horizontally or vertically, it will disappear. Dock the objects, score points.

When mounting the pieces on the playing field, make sure that there is always room for complex elements - you never know what the computer will offer to install next.

The level will end if you do not have a free space for the proposed object. You can continue the game with the points you have accumulated.


Drag the shape to match line