"Lego Block Puzzle" Game

Original title: Lego Block Puzzle


Lego constructor is used for many purposes. Children use it to build play and cartoon characters, different objects, cities, and even castles. But in the online game Lego Block Puzzle does not need to build or construct anything. You have to be engaged in harvesting parts for future construction. After you start on the playing field appears space with holes for blocks. The main task as quickly as possible to fill the empty holes so that the row disappears. This will bring the gamer scores. The style of the game resembles the famous tetris. Only here the items do not fall from the top. They must be dragged from the bottom field to the platform. A fully assembled horizontal or vertical row disappears, making space for the next parts. This puzzle game will interest not only children but also adults. Allows you to relax, pleasant and interesting to spend your free time!