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Strategic arcade casual PC games

Strategies can be called a genre that is literally created for fans of thinking and expressing all kinds of ideas, which, of course, very much want to translate into reality. These games are good because if we are talking about business strategies, you can see the result and understand whether your idea will fail or will succeed. Well, if the strategies concern the battles and battles, then you can just make sure that they work, and the opponents defeated immediately in the right game.

Varieties of Strategies

Most strategy games encourage you to be on the lookout for your own possessions, to protect the borders from enemy invasions, to control the army, to build fortifications. Business here is also a place for business, because you can not wage war if you do not have the stock of food and building materials, and they just do not give out anywhere. Usually you have to plant your own fields and cut down trees.

In this section you will find these types of strategy games:

  • Economic. Will make strategic plans for the development of new lands for vegetable gardens, raising livestock, catching pests and selling crops. The best version of games of this type - a series of "Farm Frenzy", although there are other equally interesting fun.
  • Military. Here you need to build a military strategy in conjunction with the economic, because the army will win, if it is well provided. Play "1812. Napoleon Wars", "Roman Empire" and others.
  • Games where you will have to fight alone and think only about defeating your enemies. Play "Heroes of the Sky. World War II," "Armor is strong," "Sea Battle. Underwater Warfare", etc.

Of course, you can defend Asgard or breed fish, lead the actions of a single hero or an entire army at once. In front of you almost endless possibilities, and you certainly do not need to give up to realize themselves fully in the process of such a game. Each game has its own flavor and its own rules. Look for the one that is perfect for you and enjoy the story.

Features of strategy games

No matter which strategy game you choose, you will most likely be starting from scratch. If it's combat, you won't have the most modern and advanced weapons. If it's farming, you'll be planting a single vegetable garden first. But the main thing is that your goals are realistic, and you should evaluate your abilities objectively and always try to increase what you have. Open strategies, because it's a great option for an exciting game for the whole weekend, and maybe for a longer period of time.

The best strategy arcade games:

Games of this genre perfectly train your memory, develop logical and strategic thinking, allows you to think through the actions a few steps ahead. These are great games that bring not only recreation, but also benefit.