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Casual arcade games-runners for PC

It's hard to imagine a happy life without the possibility of movement. Where there is room for speed and dynamism, there will be achievements and victories. And ideally, you should start the morning with a good run to recharge your energy for the whole day. And if there is no way to feel like an athlete, then play a jogging game, and experience the feeling of drive right at home or on the way to work, or during your lunch break.

Varieties of jogging games

Where should you start choosing to find the right game for you? Choose the themes you are most interested in, because jogging games can be very different. In this section you will find a huge selection of such fun for every taste. Can travel through time and space, travel to another world, fairyland, or open your own business and run to develop it to perfection.

Pay attention to the following types of jogging games:

  • Those that involve traveling to different cities and countries. In the process of completing tasks you can learn something new, perhaps see an already familiar place with different eyes. Try playing "Crown of Empire. Around the World. Collector's Edition" or "Moai 7. Mysterious Shores".
  • Games with magical heroes, where you have to oppose evil forces, sorcerers and witches, from which it is desirable to run away very quickly. Or fight for the victory of goodness and justice. Open "The Argonauts Agency. Hephaestus Chair. Collector's Edition", "Fairytale Kingdom 2" and others.
  • You can look for treasures and hidden treasures. Here you'll find jogging and puzzles, and just interesting tasks with impressive prize points. You'll love such games as "Treasure Hunters. Snow Queen" or "Treasure Hunters. Golden Island".

And you can find games on sports, escapes, you can pootle around in a maze, you can travel with Count Dracula. Only you choose your own company and the tasks that will need to perform in the process of running. Thematic games abound, so that your project for a cognitive run you are sure to find.

Features of running games

From the start, you will embark on a fascinating journey. Your way will continue through different locations, you will receive different tasks, as jogging games in pure form do not occur often. But it's even more interesting and fun. Will earn bonuses and points, pass levels, and be prepared for the fact that with each level will be harder and more interesting.

Best arcade running games: